Saturday, March 14, 2009

Teen Pregnancies from Hell

I have 5 former Rancho students in my night class at RCC. Two of them are girls who got pregnant while still in high school.

One is no longer a teenager and her son is probably around 3. She's still so young. Her son is autistic and subject to seizures. It's obvious that motherhood has not been easy for her. She balances child, work, and family and she's only about 21--if that. The father is still in the picture. They live together and apparently are engaged. But, at that age, it's going to be hard. I gather that money is already a problem. And I wonder, if the father is anxious to stay in this relationship, why he hasn't married her yet. I may be judgmental, but this is a red flag to me.

The other is this little girl from my class two years ago who got knocked up by this football player (a real creep, in my opinion), who, as far as I know, never even made an attempt to be a part of the baby's life. The girl was a real sweet kid, but very naive and maybe got taken advantage of by this kid. Anyway, I pulled into the parking lot and coincidentally parked right next to this girl's mother. I went to the cafeteria to get a bottle of water for class and, as I came back to the parking lot to get my briefcase, this girl and her mother were having a shouting match about the baby, who they were taking turns holding. The girl had apparently kept her mother waiting in the parking lot and it had gotten pretty ugly. Again, it build down to this girl, still a teenager, not being very successful at balancing school and motherhood.

I just feel sorry for the babies.