Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Lose Things Sometimes

I just got a new flashdrive to back up my other spare flashdrive, which had nothing on it. I did this because I lost my old flashdrive I don't know where.

I think I lost it last Thursday, or whenever it started to drizzle. I remember going into Target on Day Street. I put my cell phone in my front pants pocket and remember the sensation of feeling two flashdrives rolling around amongst the pocket cargo. While in target, I called Mama C to she what supplies she needed.

Much later, I was getting my car keys and felt only one flashdrive in said pocket. But it felt like the one I now think I lost. The one I didn't feel is the one with all of the slide shows from the past five years of teaching.

Much, much later, while in a different pair of pants, I found the flashdrive I thought I had lost in a pair of pants I was preparing for the laundry. Somewhere along the line, I could not find the flashdrive I thought I had, which is now the flashdrive I think I may have lost.

The flashdrive I now think I lost has pretty much all of my school-related stuff, pictures, writings, etc. on it. I have most of this stuff--almost all of it scattered amongst my computer at school and my laptop at home--but the missing flashdrive has a couple of things that I have recently updated but not saved to the either computer, like my RCC syllabus.

If my past experience is any indication, I will probably find it in some pocket or shoe or something a month from now.

In the meantime, I did go back to Target to see if they had it in their lost and found. I discovered that the Target lost and found is at the photo developing counter. The girl working their looked through about eleven different drawers, several of cabinets, and even a couple of pencil holders.

I don't think she'll find it even if it's there.

So now I have two flashdrives with everything from my laptop on them. I got a little flashdrive holder to put on my keychain. It can hold both my flashdrives and, since it's attached to my keychain, they will be harder to lose.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

I Know How Richard Nixon Felt

I remember reading somewhere that former prez Richard Nixon cried during the finale of a revival of Carousel. I kinda know how he felt, although I don't know that I can explain it. I find myself feeling emotional about things sometimes, these days. I wonder if it's part of growing older.

Back one Christmas, when Pammmmmmy C-Hicklebottom and her family came out, we all went to see Finding Neverland the story of James Barrie and how he came to write Peter Pan)--Billy C, Leemie C, Princess C, Virginny C, Dave (Hicklebottom), and Laura, Michael and Emily Hicklebottom. Tears weeled up at two points: first where Nana the dog made her first entrance and second, where Julie Christy clapped to save Tinkerbell. I sometimes get misty just talking about that moment.

I think it's because I grew up when the Mary Martin version of Peter Pan was broadcast every year--not to mention that Peter Pan was the first musical that Mama C and Daddy C took Billy C and I to see back when we were just lower case c's. Pammmmy C-Hicklebottom was just an unplanned in Mama and daddy C's eyes at the time. Or maybe she was still an infant C.

Ruta Lee played Peter in this version.

So I took Mama C to a production of Peter Pan last night. I'm not sure the occasion meant as much to her as it did to me. Emily Hicklebottom, now a student at a local university joined us.

I mentioned to Emily the emotional tug of this show. I was kinda kidding, but not. Sure enough, through the first half-hour or so, I watched teary-eyed. Strangest thing.

The lady playing Peter was quite good. Her voice was strong and clear, boyish enough. During the one tune I had forgotten about, "Mysterious Lady," she also showed she could sing with great ellegance and range.

Hook also was good. His Mr. Darling portrayal was perhaps a little to fay, but effective.

The flying, while fun, did not have the range I remember. Peter especially had a good time with it. But the kids' flying seemed pretty one dimiensional. Peter used the body-language of flight. The kids often looked at times like they were just being suspended in air.

Mama C began to drift around nine, because she was so tired. So, I think it's matinees from here on. She just can't handle late nights so well.

But we all had a good time and she got to visit with Emily, so it was worth it.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Uke Circle

We never potpone uke circle. Ever. Not even on Superbowl Sunday. It's just as well, because it had only just started when we broke up at 3.

We had about 9 people in attendance I think. I had told everyone that a couple of us would be there at noon to help people get tuned up and help beginners. Do got there on time, but I arrived 15 minutes late due to the fact I stopped by Staples and made copies of some songs.

When I did get there, I tuned my three ukes (I always bring extras, just in case we get a newbie--that, and it's nice to be able to switch instruments when the whim strikes). Then, we got to relax a little and chat with 2nd-timer Sidney, who showed up about when I did.

I think Billie C came in around 12:30.

Showing up early was a good idea because I could be a lot more relaxed--not to mention prepared to play.

I brought copies of three songs. Ana brought a couple. And Fu manchu Rich brought several. I had also laid out stacks of leftover copies I have made over the months--mostly songs that we have played and then lost by the time of the next circle. So we had lots of songs to play and we got of the ground right away and played almost all of them with time to spare.

I like it best when we play a lot.

TV's Kyle guested with a song about a cellar door that wasn't there, Do accompanying him on her uke. Then Do sang the classic "Health Science," a song that she wrote about her Health Science class last summer. Billy C sang the Jacques Brel hit "My Death."

I sang nothing.

We wrapped it up with a rousing rendition of "This Land Is Your Land."

I think next month is the 2nd anniversary uke circle.