Sunday, November 27, 2005

Haircut (My 100th Post)

Huzzah. Who knew that, back when I first started this venture, my readership would explode into to the upper single digits as quickly as it has?

Yesterday, I got a haircut. And this was no ordinary haircut. It was a haircut touched the essence of haircut-ness.

I knew from the moment my stylist approached me, smiled seductively, and led me to the sink to wash my hair, that this was going to be something special.

I had only asked for the wash and the cut, not the scalp massage. But her technique during the wash was kind of a half massage that gradually evolved into a full scalp massage that left my toes tingling. Oh yeah, it did.

Then, she asked me what I wanted done. I said that I wanted about an inch all around (I never know what to tell them, I'm not a hair guy--just make sure my bald spot is covered).

But, from the first snip, I knew that she was in control. As I watched in the mirror, helpless, I could see that she was cutting off much more than an inch--perhaps an-inch-and-a-half, maybe even two. But I could do nothing to stop her. She was so good. At this point, I just hoped she would be kind and make it even.

My God, she even trimmed my ear hairs--just the exterior ones around the lobes, though. She left my inner ear hairs alone. You have to leave something for next time.


vivage said...

Aren't ya glad she wasn't snippy?

What do you mean cover your bald spot? Are you asking for a comb-over?

Donita said...

Ooh, ear hairs. That's the kind of talk that makes women tremble.

So, does it look good? Y'know, your bald spot isn't that noticeable.

My hairdresser does the scalp massage thing, too. I'll slap down a hefty tip for a scalp massage. I'm overdue for a haircut. Reading this post makes me want to call for an appointment pronto.

Jim said the last time he got a haircut the hairdresser had enormous boobs that bonked him in the face a few times as she was washing his hair. He enjoyed that haircut.

Jim said...

I wouldn't say I so much enjoyed it as found it confusing... how does a gentleman react to repeated face-boinking by the boobs of a service provider?

I love a good head massage too. Haven't had one for years.

Now a FOOT massage, that's another matter. Just ask the hitmen in Pulp Fiction.

Brother Atom Bomb of Reflection said...

The best way to react is to say "Thank-you."

Billy Canary said...

So, Jim... Where do ya get yer haircut?

vivage said...

boinking, service providers, good head massage....hmmmm, What would Freud say?

Donita said...

He'd say, "Jim, where do ya get yer hair cut?"

Billy Canary said...

No, really Jim, I, ah, I got a friend who needs a trim, a light trim, around the ears and around the neck. Can ya hook me up...I mean a, can ya help me out here?