Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Flu, or Whatever It Is That's Going Around

Merry Krimble to all of you.

I've been laying low for my own protection. Many of my friends have caught this thing that won't let go, a type of flu bug. In some cases, they get it, get better, then it makes a resurgence.

I haven't had a flu shot, so I am just staying away from my friends who are getting sick. I had a similar case of the flu about five years ago. I got sick, got a little better, then got sicker, missing almost a whole week of work. Even when I came back, I could feel the disease still lurking inside me. So, stay away sick people.


vivage said...

And you've been out shopping in all that? Didn't you hear all the sneezing, snorting, coughing, flinging mucus?

Ya know we just spent 4 days with 4 people who were actively sick and 1 who came down with it the day after we returned. We might be carriers. You might want to wear a mask when you come over.

Sneezy McSnotnose said...

Hey, Jeff! I wiped a booger on your shirt when you weren't looking.

Donita said...

Sending e-mails and blogging doesn't increase your risk of catching anything. I'm jes sayin'.

Merry Christmas, you Odiens!