Sunday, March 05, 2006

Celebrity Update

So Billy C and I went to this place in Redlands where they have live folk music, allegedly. We decide that we'd like to check it out as a part of an unspoken quest to find music that matters.

The place was called the Martini Vault or something like that. It was a tiny place with lots of variations on the martini. We entered and found three people inside and no band. We asked about that and the bartender told us that the band was setting up in back, in this alley that wended its way hither and yon. We walked out the back door and, sure enough, there was a place where the bands played. This band's name was Bucksworth.

Billy orders a beer and I order my first and last ever martini.

We go back and, indeed, the two members of the band, the drummer and the singer-songwriter-leader were setting up. The venue was al fresco with a canopy overhead and a much-needed-but-sorely-under-performing heat lamp. The performance area was lit by one lamp behind he band area, meaning that it was pretty dark. Billy approached the band members and asked when they would start performing.

Like I said, it was dark and the three of them looked like silhouettes as they stood there talking.

The drummer, the leader, and the Billy chatted for a couple of minutes, when all of a sudden the drummer squinted at Billy and did a double-take and shouted "Billy?"
Billy then did a double-take of his own and shouted "Jake!"

It was Jason, profile #4 in volume 1 of my series on famous people I have known. Jake, as you will recall, played drums for The Skeletones. He was the son of the director of the theater group we both performed in many years ago and he played drums for most of the shows. He quit The Skeletones and now kept time for this band.

He was a teenager then. Now he's 43.

Just then, their guitar player Kevin Bacon walked in with Rob D'Arc and John Wayne.

I made that last bit up.

We shat the shoot for awhile and listened to their first set.

It was freezing cold out there. Everyone was bundled up, making the place look like an inuit single's bar.

The band was really good. The leader has a real ear for hooks and catchy phraseology. Nuke-Bob says check it out.


Donita said...

I've had one Martini. Icky blicky.

Brother Atom Bomb of Reflection said...

I think martinis are the new oxygen.