Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Harboring a Fugitive

Today, the rabbit let me pet him again. In fact, he stretched out and just let me scratch and then looked a little angry when I stopped. On my way to pay some Mom Bills, I saw that my neighbors were home and decided to go ask them if the rabbit belonged to them. I had actually considered keeping the rabbit, but yesterday, while out walking, I could see through there front gate an empty cage--like a rabbit cage, only smaller. So I decided that I'd better at least ask them if my new little friend was theirs.

It was.

So we walked to where the rabbit was lounging. When he saw his family, he perked up as if to say "uh-oh!" and skeedaddled under my front gate, across the yard, and under our common fence into their yard, where he tried hiding behind some bushes to no avail.

Poor guy.

When I first asked them about the rabbit, the dad asked me if I wanted it, implying that he abut had it.

Apparently, it kept escaping from its tiny cage and getting into their garden. Also, they were told it was a dwarf bunny. It might have started out to be a dwarf bunny, but it grew into a hefty bunny. In fact, when I think about it, I bet this rabbit was an Easter gift. The timing is about right for him to grow beyond cute size. And the bunny cage looks about the right size for a tiny bunny.

I don't think he wanted to go back. I have the feeling this is a too-many-pets type family--one that keeps all of their pets alive, but loses interest. I may drop the hint that I know where they can place the rabbit if they decide to get rid of him, creating the opportunity for getting him back, but nt appearing t anxious.

I'll think on it.


Donita said...

Well, if you decide to keep it we can help you get set up. And if you ever need a bunny sitter you've got one.

Do you know if it's male or female? Our bunnies are going to be spayed on Tuesday. Neutered bunnies get along better.

I felt bad about putting our white rabbit in a cage because she had such a great life running around the farm. That's why we built the big cage.

Yep. Think on it.

vivage said...

bunnies can be housepets but you've got to train them or you have pellets everywhere.

Your new puppy will probably keep him company too.

Howlin' Hobbit said...

I had a house bunny years ago. Our carpet was about the same color as bunny pellets. So you didn't really notice them until you vacuumed and then it was like a freaking hailstorm.

Brother Atom Bomb of Reflection said...

How do you train a bunny to go outside? Why not just let them roam outside like as if they lived in a nature preserve?

vivage said...

errrr, no they don't go outside. They train to use a catbox. Roaming outside is fine if you want to provide dinner for a coyote. and you know they dig right? So unless you want to line your entire backyard with chickenwire buried underground either get a cage or keep it indoors.

And Howlin', our vacumn has a see thru dirt receptacle: pellet whirlwind!