Sunday, September 28, 2008

Two Birds, One Dream

So in this dream, it was morning and I had to get to work and I knew I was running late. As I was going out to my car, I found myself in the driveway of my parent's house and my car was a station wagon and the back was opened up. There was a blanket on the lawn and I heard a cooing kind of sound. I knew it came from a bird and I feared that I had stepped on it. I pulled back a fold on the blanket to find this fat, gray bird that seemed to have trouble just standing up and walking. It had a pointy beak and an area where the feathers had been plucked out, which had ants and little spiders crawling around. I thought that it was kind of disgusting, but wondered what I could do to save the bird.

Another bird, tiny and almost as round as a ball, with a black head and wings and white body scurried across the lawn to me. Neither of these birds could fly, although they both had wings. I thought about putting them in cages, but didn't have any. So, I put them in my car and went off to work.

Somehow, I found myself in the back of my station wagon covered with blankets as it sped down the highway. I got out from under the blankets and saw that I had driven past the town where my school was and somehow ended up in San Diego. The station wagon stopped in front of a Mexican restaurant and I got out of the car. I tried to pick up the smaller bird, but it sprang up and fluttered its wings, turning out to be some strange sort of humming bird. The other bird allowed me to pick it up and tried a few times to poke its beak into my skin and suck up nectar, as if I was a flower. It tickled. I lifted the bird up to some hanging tree branches and it climbed up into the tree.

I got back into my car, hoping to still make it to work on time, but I couldn't remember which school I taught at. I drove myself to the freeway, where the bridges were to low for me to pass safely. I had to slow down and lean back to get through.

The freeway ended on a beach sidewalk and I had to drive around there for awhile.

Then I woke up.


vivage said...

I think the fat gray bird that has trouble standing up and walking is your mother.

I'm serious.

Brother Atom Bomb of Reflection said...

Then why did he/she climb right up into the tree?

Not so serious, but interested.

vivage said...

No idea, it's your dream.

But am thinking the words about the dream totally fit your mom and her situation. And how I perceive how you might feel about the situation.

Interesting that you are at your parents house at the beginning too.

You'd have to think about the correlation to lifting her up and her climbing and how that relates to you.

Brother Atom Bomb of Reflection said...

What about the little humming bird?

vivage said...

What do you think it represents?

Maybe it's a person, maybe it's a song that you're frustrated about not being able to capture?

Brother Atom Bomb of Reflection said...

Maybe it's simply my hummingbird song finally taking off. Once I wrote the bridge, I felt it had been transformed.

vivage said...

Maybe so, maybe that's why you had to lean back because the bridge(s) were too low.