Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Things Ruby, Pearl, and I Saw Today

A couple of places where Ruby and Pearl tried to dig under the new fence my neighbor built.

The pain in a teenage boy's heart as he stood amongst friends, among whom was his recently ex-girlfriend, whom he clearly had not gotten over.

A half-dozen kids strumming different chord progressions on their ukuleles.

A locked front door with me on the other side without my key, which I had left inside.

A window through which one could get access to my house if they wanted to.

Ruby panic at the sight of cars or people as we took our walk.

Pearl not panic so much.

A cat who really wanted to jump over two dogs to get from my living room to my bedroom.

A fast-talking woman who didn't breath between questions nor wait for answers.

Four colleagues who sit in the front row of faculty meetings but don't all seem to pick up on what is said.

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