Saturday, August 14, 2010

Things I Saw Today

Two cats lurking around my mother's cat's food dish while my mother's cat sat under the tree, hoping they'd just leave.

Outside the grocery store, a toddler who called me Grampa. Cute kid, I thought. Later, in the store, she started one of those nuclear, screeching tantrums that shot through the store. How quickly they turn.

A tattered page from an old short story I had written.

A text from Billy C saying that Liam was on his way to PA.

My dryer full of wet clothes I thought I had dried a week ago. Ahhhh..mildew!

A student from last year walking into Wal Mart with her parents.

A bumper sticker with a picture of George Bush that said "Miss me yet?" I don't. Never will. Who would? Why?

A note from Emily asking me why I never write on her Facebook wall. I love you Emily.

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