Sunday, September 02, 2007

Riverside Ukulele Liberation Front in the News and the Meeting that Wasn't Going To Happen but Did

Here's a link to the Press Enterprise article on the Riverside Ukulele Liberation Front:

If you scroll down to just below the byline to where it says "Interactive: The Riverside Ukulele Liberation Front" and click on the "Riverside Ukulele Liberation Front" part of it, you'll see a cool slide show featuring me taking to much time tuning my ukulele, as well as some f the circles musical stylings.

Last month, we had decided to postpone this month's meeting until the weekend after labor day. Big mistake. The article appeared and pretty soon, people were calling and asking about it. So, Do and I showed up just in case any newbies came.

There were seven.

So, we met some new folk and played a little. Not everyone stayed because it was so hot in the basement (today's temp was a round 110). Do sent home for a fan, so that helped a lot. Next week, we all bring fans.


Donita said...

We ALL bring fans? It's be a raging vortex down there!

That was fun yesterday. Even though it was too hot and we lost the old people I enjoyed the three young guys who stayed and I had a good time playing with you.

I think it's funny that you talk about the uke being the accompanist you never had and all we hear you play is "plink plunk plink".

I hope them folks come back next week.

Donita Smith said...

Yawn. Poor, poor neglected, boring, stale bloggy.

Donita Smith said...

Poor, sad, sad, unloved, rotting-in-the-vegetable-drawer-of-the-fridge bloggy. You've changed color and started to sprout things. You're sitting in a puddle of your own fermented, leeched-out juices. Your bottom is soft. I fear you will explode at the lightest touch.

Courage, little blog. I know deep down somewhere, Jeff still remembers you. Just know that I remember you and check on you almost every day.

Hang in there. He'll be back.

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