Monday, November 17, 2008

Another Insightful Political Commentary

I admit that I've noticed this, but I didn't think that anyone would actually WRITE about it. I'm talking about this article in Salon about Michelle Obama's ass. I mean, I've seen commentary about each first lady's fashion sense and appearance, but to actually write about something this specific? Are we supposed to be thinking about this?

I think a little less of myself for posting this.

And I do admire the Obamas.


Donita Smith said...

Well, at least it's complimentary. Still, one probably wouldn't think it was acceptable to write about Eleanor Roosevelt's ass. Or Lady Bird Johnson, or Barbara Freakin' Bush! (shudder)

motterbl- tranny bovine?

Billy Canary said...

Our Babor's ass

Donita Smith said...

Hey, you're the one who put the image of you naked on the treadmill into our heads. And now you've mentioned Babor's...

Wait, are you talking about that guy in the bible who tied his donkey to a tree?

redig- dig it again