Sunday, November 02, 2008

Snore No More

It's some kind of National Blog Month or something. I missed yesterday, but I am going to try to blog every day this month, no matter how short or stupid the post is.

I got a CPAP machine. I have no idea what CPAP stands for, but it's supposed to help me with my sleep apnea. I'm supposed to wear it when ever I sleep.

I always expected these things to be heavy and uncomfortable, but this isn't so bad. It's like the gizmo I wore for testing my sleep-breathing requirements a couple of weeks ago.

I strap this tube to my nose, using this head thingy that is soft a stretchable. It's not too tight. I push two buttons and the airflow starts and then increases gradually to my level of need. The nose piece is soft, pliable plastic. It blows air to my nostrils as I inhale. I can breath through my mouth if I want, but this machine kinda fights back to discourage me. So, presumably, I breath through my nose all night, thus preventing snoring and, more importantly, preventing the stoppage of my breathing.

The danger with sleep apnea, of course, is that you stop breathing in your sleep--and it's possible that you won't start again. It also prevents you from going through the entire sleep cycle and missing your most restive sleep. It can effect things like your memory, your blood sugar levels, and your heart, among other things.

Anyway, so I seem to wake up less often at night with this thing on(I used to wake up around four times a night and then have trouble getting back to sleep). When I do wake up, I tend to go back to sleep. The air flow encourages deep breathing, which relaxes me, which eases me back to sleep.

I think I still have trouble shutting off my brain at night, but this seems to be a good first step in solving my sleep problems.


Anonymous said...

It can also cause stroke and heart failure. nice huh?

vivage said...

I sure do wish your brother would look into one of those.

Brother Atom Bomb of Reflection said...

I didn't do too well last night. Not somuch the breather, because I've been fine with it the previous two nights. I woke up after a couple of hours and couldn't shut my mind off. But that's a different problem.

Anon--thanks for cheering me up, buddy.

Anonymous said...

anon is your lovely sister :) who's husband is attached to one of those. He hasn't been wearing it lately and it shows.

Brother Atom Bomb of Reflection said...

Hey, when I was told that I had stopped breathing 20 times in an hour, I decided I needed one.