Sunday, November 29, 2009

10 Things I Learned at Open Mike Tonight

1. No matter how unprepared you are, no how badly you need to rehearse your song, you're probably going to be much better than a guy with a puppet and a kazoo.

2. Stand-up comedy is always better when it's done by someone funny.

3. Dylan+accordion = just might work

4. Feedback happens.

5. Enthusiasm does not make up for being tone deaf.

6. Repetition usually works best in threes. But, if you're going to repeat the same word more than that, you'd better commit to it.

7. Wild Card performers are often more risky than satisfying.

8. SOME Wild Card performers are worth the wait.

9. The older folk are sometimes the best performers.

10. Some people who aren't ready to sing a deeply personal song to that special someone are often somehow ready to to sing that same deeply personal song to a large audience.

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