Sunday, November 08, 2009

10 things i saw today

In no particular order:

1. a little girl in a restaurant, a toddler, waddling around her family's table giggling, making me wish all children could be that happy all of the time.

2. Ruby and Pearl not wanting to go on a walk, but willing to practice a few commands.

3. a hawk flying over my high school's campus.

4. the listing of aspartame as one of the ingredients in my yogurt--blecch

5. an old dog toy that looked like it had been buried years ago, dug up, and then chewed up

6. a closed sign on a bike shop I had hoped would be open

7. a girl walking by who looked like one of my students but wasn't

8. two employees closing up the clothing across the street, checking one another's bags to verify no one had stolen anything

9. mom's cat sitting outside, looking through the screen of my open window, meowing to be let in

10. a hand-written sign on the corner of my street teling how I could make money while working at home

1 comment:

VO said...

Hey, I saw #8 last week.