Monday, June 26, 2006

2/3's of the Canaries

Open Mike again. A small crowd, due in part to the heat and maybe in part to the earlier start and maybe in part because people are on vacation.

A lot of new folk there. A lot of youngsters, a lot of whom either knew each other or were just very entertained by many of the performers.

UF sang a song with the word "Motherfucker" in it. I think it rhymed with something. Both of his songs excelled.

This one guy who will remain nameless at one point began beating the time on his guitar case when other people sang. That annoyed me. I kept thinking of something the teacher of my bones workshop said yesterday. Just because you can find the beat doesn't mean you should invite yourself to play along. Percussion is supposed to decorate the song. This guy has also taken to making comments to the performers that aren't especially funny.

A lot of talent once again. This guy named Spiro (like the Agnew) especially wowed the audience. I know he had some fans there because some ladies behind me knew his songs.

Billy C got there late and had to be coerced by me to go ahead and play the two songs he had brought with him.

I sang Quinn the Eskimo and America, Here's My Boy. I used a cheat sheet. Neither were songs I had originally planned on performing. I decided at the last minute to perform them because I wasn't secure about the two I had originally wanted to do. Next time. I kind of knew these two songs, but never really commited them to memory, hence the cheat sheet.

A young man and his daughter performed a song with her singing and him playing the mandolin. She was very young and very nervous. The audience began clapping along, which I think both made her more nervous and also made it difficult for her to establish her own pace. Anyway, she was cute and the audience loved her.

Special Ed--who usually gets there early, sets his guitar at the door before it opens, and then leaves until the just before the door does open and claims first place in line--got there late because he didn't get the memo about the earlier start time. He usually plays and then leaves. Tonight, he had to play towards the end, which meant that he had to wait for others to perform.

I have a problem with people who play and leave all of the time, unless they are really really good. It disrupts the community feeling.

Billy C sang two really good songs: I Go to Pieces and No One Cares for Me.

It was a good night.


Jim said...

Sounds like a fun night, B!
We had planned to go and do two more of Kyle's songs, but then Donita needed to work at a drum corps competition in support of Paige. She talks about it in her blog. We'll probably miss next month's too for the same reason.

Thanks for the report!

Billy Canary said...

"No One Cares" might be a better title. But until they change it, it's an old Love song (Arthur Lee). It's called "Signed D.C.". I love the music a bunch. But I always hestitate to perform it 'cause of the lyrics. I have trouble giving a steaming pile about a whiny junkie.

Howlin' Hobbit said...

Some ladies behind knew Spiro's songs? Wow. That's one talented ass. Wonder why she didn't go up.


(Sorry. Just couldn't resist.)

Brother Atom Bomb of Reflection said...

(Alluding to an old joke) It's cute, but is it art?

Billy Canary said...

It's dang funny, fer sure.

Donita said...

Oh, Howl! You silly!

Yeah, we missed it. Bummer. My summer is all about drum and bugle corps.