Friday, June 23, 2006

Your Baggage Has Been Delayed

I swear that my training as a world traveler--that which has always begun with the mantra "pack light, pack light, pack light"--should have kicked in before I left for Pennsylvania. But, like so many accidents and mishaps in life, I instead listened to the little voice that said "Don't worry about it." I took three bags: my fluke in its case, my laptop, and a bag with clothes and stuff.

I could have just bee-lined for a music store or pawn shop and bought either a cheap uke or a really nice one and played that during my visit. I could have left it there for my nephew and whomever to mess with. Or, if it had been a collectible, I could have figured out a way to carry it with me on the return flight. Either way, someone would have ended up with a ukulele.

I could have gone a week without my own computer. But the reason I bought the laptop was so I could take it with me and write, which would have been difficult on the one computer at my sister's house, since everyone uses that all of the time.

I could have just packed bare necessities and combined uke with regular travel stuff.

Anyway, the marginally positive thing about it is that, if I had bought one of those vintage ukes at Buck's County Music, I would have probably had to pack either that or my fluke and checked it in with my other bag, which got lost. I don't know how they lost it. It was a non-stop flight. All they had to do was put it on my plane and there it would be--no stop-overs where they could transfer it to the wrong plane.

Next time, I won't pack anything I can't carry on.


Billy Canary said...

So you lost another uke? Someone musta put a mojo juju hex on yer noggin! Don't stand too close to Nuff! He's born under a bad bad sign!
Maybe you should sell yer ukes and take up the tuba. They're a lot harder to lose...

Brother Atom Bomb of Reflection said...

No. If I HAD purchased another uke, I would have lost it because I would have had to check it in because I alreadt had my laptop and fluke as carry-ons. But I DIDN'T buy another uke.

vivage said...

I guess you have to go out and buy all new underwear too? I can't believe they still haven't found your suitcase. Maybe when you get it back it will be filled with freshly cleaned clothes or better yet, new clothes in your size.

Pammmmmm said...

OOPs, I left this comment on the wrong BLOG

soooo...You don't have your baggage yet? That's stupid...Are they paying you big bucks? Tell them you had an expensive uke in there.

I thought for sure you'd have it by now. Sounds fishy....