Monday, June 26, 2006

Mt Rub Haiku

When I walk the Rub with Do, or anyone else, we usually talk. But when I walk alone, I try to be open to noticing something new. These haiku are products of the alone walks. You may have read the images elsewhere in this blog.

red-tailed hawk
perches atop dying tree
studies hikers below

hummingbird grasps branch
nape and throat shimmer ruby and green
no escape

the mountain top:
we watched the rain
spray the valley

wind blows my hat off
sunset colors the clouds
trapped by the mountain range

hiker reaches the peak
chats on his cellphone
spectacular view

rain fills river bottom
the water’s shimmering v’s
birds fly in formation

dabs of cloud
drift across cobalt sky
hide, then reveal random stars


Jim said...

Beautiful, Babor! I especially enjoyed the last two; nice imagery.

Why is there no escape for the hummingbird?

Brother Atom Bomb of Reflection said...

I think the official zen answer for that is "mu."

Donita said...

Yep. These all sound familiar. I should write a Mt. Rubidoux boob job haiku.

vivage said...

Saline Silicone
Eyes drawn like a bobble head
Politely nodding

Brother Atom Bomb of Reflection said...

Don't mock the Japanese people.

vivage said...

You're not the boss of me.