Monday, June 20, 2005

Dog of Satan

When I returned from my walk up Mt. Rube this evening, I found my neighbor in her car, the motor running. She clearly could not get out of the driveway. As she rolled down her window to talk to me, this mid-sized, reddish brown dog-a mixed breed, came out from behind the car and started woofing at me. Not an actual bark, just a woof. Kind of that mock-protection woof that dogs will make when they really aren't being aggressive, but are afraid to approach you.

Neighbor asked me "Have you seen this dog before?"

I said no.

She told me that the owners of the house next door, who no longer live there, found the dog in a park near their new home, adopted it for about three days, then, when the dog began fighting with their other dogs, dropped it off in the back yard of the house next door for their tenants to take care of.

I don't know the details, but I think the tenants are relatives.

This was a day or two ago. Apparently, the dog is good at jumping fences and has planted itself in her front yard. When she is inside, it will go to her door and scratch on it and whine. When she is outside, it will follow her around. When she gets in her car, it will circle around it until she tries to pull out, at which point it will plant itself in front of the wheels so she can't leave.

She demonstrated this to me this evening. When she rolled up her window, the dog began circling. When she tried to pull forward, it stopped in front of the car.

She rolled her window back down and said "See?"

I asked if the dog had been threatening in any way and she assured me that it hadn't. I got down on my haunches and called it over. It came about halfway towards me, woofing, and my neighbor pulled out of her driveway and down the street, the dog following.

Right now, her car is back in the driveway and the dog is on her front lawn. It has just started woofing again. Of course, my dog and a few others have started barking at it. Not woofing. Barking.

It's going to be a long night.


Donita said...

Yeesh, dealing with other people's dog problems is a big drag. We've had our share of that.

This guy sounds like he really wants a home. Poor thing. Is he a young dog? The rescue groups will try to place young dogs but they won't touch the older ones.

Dang, why do people have to be such idiots when it comes to animals? Good luck with this one.

By the way, did you notice how fast we went up and down Mt. Rubidoux yesterday? I started off pretty wimpy but it felt good once I got going. When we got to the top I was almost surprised to be there.

Donita said...
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Donita said...

Duplicate post removed. Spaz attack.

vivage said...

Maybe this dog is psychic...maybe she knows your neighbor is going out to do nefarious things and is trying to stop her before she gets in trouble? You might see her in the National Enquirer with the caption: Stranger Dog Saved My Life.

Did ya ever think of that? Huh?

Brother Atom Bomb of Reflection said...

Donita: Yeah I noticed the pick-up in speed. I'm sure that we usually are much slower.

Donita said...

I think I hold you back. Anyway, I know I'm getting better. I'm not melting off the pounds and inches but I've got lots of energy and my stamina is better. I'm happy about that.

I hope the dog thing works out.

Brother Atom Bomb of Reflection said...

I hope the dog thing works out too. Nothing worse than a flabby dog thing.

Donita said...

Ok, you just made me laugh snort through my nose.

Billy Canary said...

So what happened to the dog?
I hear they're delicious when served with fava beans and a nice chianti.