Monday, June 20, 2005

Summer Solstice Folk Festival

After a pretty stressful school year and an especially stressful final two weeks of class, I am really looking forward to my first big trip this weekend to the Summer Solstice Folk Festival. There will be only two uke workshops given by Jim Beloff, and I imagine the first one is the same one that he usually gives to beginners, but it gives me a chance to get away and purge the bad energy that has been bringing me down as of late. There will be a lot of music there, so I can just spend time listening to it. There will also be informal jam sessions, so maybe I'll see if I can jam.

I'm wondering why there aren't more uke workshops, though. There are a lot of uke players in the area that show up and teach at local uke fests. For most other stringed instruments, they have a variety of workshops that cover several musical genres. Maybe Jumpin' Jim has a corner on this market. Anyway, when I come back, I'll report on it and share info with the local uke community.

I'll also take my bodrahn, as they have several bodrahn workshops. In fact, they have a bodrahn boot camp Saturday Morning. It would be nice to learn how to play this thing.

The main thing is to get away for awhile.


vivage said...

Have fun at the Summer Solstice fest. Strum and drum in good harmony and everything will be ok.

And think of us, back here in town.

Donita said...

I've been trying to find the website where I bought my drum. Like a doofus, I forgot the name. I went to Ebay and checked out the percussion stuff there. One 12" djembe was going for $89.

This weekend you should try out some drums and see what you like. I'd stay away from the smaller drums. The tone is too high and wimpy. Try striking them in the middle, which is where you get the deepest tone. Play one and check out where your arms rest on it. Is it comfortable? Imagine playing it for a couple hours. I've noticed that some of them are strung so that your bare skin rests on the cords. That might get itchy after a while. Anyway, check 'em out.