Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Reflections on Mortality

I don't think this will be particularly interesting to anyone, but I am going in on Friday morning to undergo the ass-cam examination. As my faithful readers know, a colleague of mine had this procedure done, being five years younger than doctors recommend, and discovered that he had a tiny tiny tumor growing in his colon. He had it removed, of course. The doctors say that if he had waited those five recommended years, it would have been too late.

So I have to go on a regimen of fasting and flushing starting tomorrow.

I'm supposed to get some bloodwork done also, so I figure I'll do that too. Make one fast work for the whole shebang.

So, wish me luck and keep your sphincters crossed.


vivage said...


And hold your nose when you have to drink that doesn't really help but it gives you something to focus on other than the nasty stuff going down.

Donita said...

Woo, it made me pucker a little to read that.

Good luck, dear friend. I'll be thinking of you while I'm lounging on the lake. I hope they don't find any bothersome critters and I hope you have a pretty nurse. I'm sure your ass will be in good hands.

Love you.