Wednesday, January 18, 2006

All You Need Is Love (but a Little Yoga Couldn't Hurt Either)

During my between-class practice I have focused on the Lennon-McCartney hit "All You Need Is Love," a hit tune that has some fun chord and tempo changes. About five minutes during each practice period and I've almost got it.

The song changes from 4/4 to 3/4 every few bars and I find it a little difficult to feel the change. At this point, I am making the change. I'm not playing it with much style yet, but I've almost got the rhythm down.

There are also a couple of chord changes that I need to master. There's a switch from an Dm to a G7m or something like that and my fingers don't always get through that.

Some of the students try to follow me on it too. Most of the stuff they join me on is pretty simple, tempo-wise. Today was a little different. Almost like a music lesson.

Also, I made my first yoga class in about a year-and-a-half. My SiL ran the class,so I expected quite a workout. Her class is a little different from other teachers I've had at the studio. The movement is a little more constant, the lecture a lot less.

My bones, tendons, and muscles had a faint memory of what they were supposed to do. While I was in one pose, my knee started shaking and sent a reverberation through the arc my outstreched legs and I fell. It was sort of like what must happen on a tension bridge when one of the cables gets loose. I tried to stop the chain reaction, but it just got the better of me.

There were a couple of other poses that certainly challenged my body. But I was surprised at how well I did.


Donita said...

Ow, sounds painful. Sounds like the class was good, though.

Are you going to have back up singers when you perform All You Need Is Love? This will be a good audience sing-along song.

vivage said...

Heh, heh, and I talked a lot tonight. Normally I don't talk quite that much, I know hard to believe but true.

You did great, yeah and unused muscles that are put into action can get quivery. Next time come out of the pose a little and let the muscle relax.

vivage said...

Oh yeah, and it really is true, there is a gravity surge in that studio. Evidenced by all of us falling over in those balancing poses!