Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Canaries' Love Affair with the Camera

I showed the most recent Canaries open mike performance to my classes on Monday. We played "Maggie's Farm." At the end of the video, my teaching partner said that he had a GREAT version of the song and got out his I-Pod, hooked it up to our sound system, and played U2's performance version at Live Aide. As it was playing, a little girl in the class said that SHE had a version of the song recorded by the Specials, a ska group of the 80's. She got out her I-Pod and played it for the class as well. It wasn't so much ska. But it was good. And I got to explain that the Specials were pretty popular when I was a youngster.

THEN, earlier tonight, they played a version of the song by Richie Havens on XM radio.

Coincidence, I think not.


Jim said...

There are 11 different versions of Maggie's Farm at iTunes store; 6 of them are performed by Bob Dylan at various times...

Jim said...

Hey, nice photo!