Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Two Sijo

I was sitting in this horrible class I have to take to fulfill No Child Left Behind, the sham perpetrated on Texas and now the rest of the country, and I wrote these two poems in the sijo form:

1. Dark corner, the glimmer of beady eyes-a mouse blinks,
a tightrope walk across a chord strung along the ceiling,
the danger below: a well-placed morsel, an unexpected snap.

2. Red drop on green plane-ladybug scales a blade of grass,
pauses at the tip, but does not open its shell or spread cellophane wings
and does not escape the roar or chop of the spinning blade.

Anyway, I'll work on them. Click on the title of this blog and you'll go to a web page that explains the form. I also describe it in my first ever blog entry.


vivage said...

Whew, feeling a little dark there? Ok, I guess I would too being in a class like that.

zgerb = sleeping gerbil

Newman said...

The tightrope walker is dead, killed by peanut butter and the plastic jaws of doom.