Monday, January 02, 2006

Christmas with the Canaries

I guess I should say something about Christmas Day.

I got a new Oscar Schmidt to replace my kidnapped one. This one is an OU3 I think. It's a blond. Sounds good.

We, the Canaries, spent a good hour or so rehearsing our next big hit, "All You Need Is Love" by the Beatles. We used the arrangement from Jumpin' Jim's Sacred Ukulele book.

Canary Liam got a "G"-tuned harmonica for Christmas, which is the key the Beatles recorded the song in. Jim arranged the song in a different, squeaky-voice key, as he often does. Liam wanted to adapt back to the original key but we didn't seem to get anywhere with that. I'm going to look at fixing that today. It seemed like it would be pretty easy to do, except for one chord that's something like a G7Sus+dim or something.

I think Liam gets frustrated because we don't seem to listen to him because he's the kid. I think it has more to do with the fact that we have to mind the uke part, which takes a little more work, so we do what's easiest for us. I also think it's because the three of us are creative types with diva tendencies. Oddly, Liam is the most musical, I think, in that he plays more instruments.

We worked out the harmonies, of which my line turned out to be a Johnny-one-note kind of thing...boring. It sounds good enough. But I hope I can work it out to something more interesting.

I would like to make Zoe a Canary also. I have this idea that we could do Tom Waits "Phone Call from Istanbul," with Zoe doing the organ solo at the end-only on her sax.


Donita said...

I'm glad you got another Oscar Schmidt. Is there a way to stick your id inside? That way, music stores and pawn shops can be alerted if it gets stolen.

But this one isn't going to get stolen.

I'd love to hear the Canaries with Zoe.

Brother Atom Bomb of Reflection said...

I'm more of a Jungian than a Freudian, so I'm not familiar with the terminology. I think that it would be easiest to stick my ego inside my new uke. Maybe my super ego. But I'm not sure about my id. I think I would have to do so under an analysts supervision.

Donita said...

Consider your arm punched.

vivage said...

Maybe each month one of you could pick the song, arrangment and make the major decsions on how the three of you will perform it. Would allow each of you to do something interesting for each diva.

How's the arm? I think you deserved that one.

vivage said...

I musta deleted Zoe's portion of my comment.

Even hitting the tamborine would be a good experience for her. She's a little self concious when it comes to being on stage. How wierd is that?

Brother Atom Bomb of Reflection said...

Actually, vivage's suggestion is good.