Monday, October 24, 2005

Power Trio

The Canaries made their debut last night. The initial line-up was Canary Limo singing, Billy Canary on this egg shaker doohickey that he bought at the Folk Music Center that night, and myself on my uke.

I was going to perform solo again, but couldn't really settle on anything. My brother and I were going to carpool and, when I got to his house, I found that His son Limo was going with us and that he might be performing with some friends. We picked Limo up at the nearby park. Liam's friends weren't coming.

On the way there, we discussed the possibility of Liam and I performing together on Dylan's "I Ain't Gonna Work on Maggie's Farm No More." I asked him what the chords were, but they didn't seem to fit. So he began rattling all of the Dyaln tunes he knew.

I stopped him on "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright." I knew the chords and thought we could practice. So, we practiced in the car. Later, we practiced in line at the FMC. We invited Billy C to join us as percussionist, so he got the shaky egg and practiced with us. He wanted me to slow the tempo, but Liam liked it. So we overruled.

Lima and I decided when we were alone that, after the third verse, we'd turn to Billy C and say "Take it Bill," as a surprise.

So, the open Mike itself was among the worst. Lowlights include the guy whose bangs on a notebook with drumsticks while he plays guitar and sings Jesus songs badly. Not actual gospel, but that sappy stuff you hear on Christian Broadcasting Network. The lowest of the lowlights was this guy who asked the crowd if the they wanted to hear a little Paginini (sp?) as he took his blue electric guitar out of its case. People ooooed in anticipation.

What he played was the most gawd-awful. He'd start, flub, and start again, then flub, then complain to the soundman about the volume. It was merciless. The MC finally got up and stood in front of him and said he'd have to stop because he was over his time limit. The guy says, "But I'm not finished." He was. He really was.

Highlights, as always, were Matt, UF's pal, and us.

We really had a good energy. We got a few laughs with our intro. Then I started with the song, screwed uo the first three chords, stopped, and said "Let's do that other tune."

But I ripped into it the second time. Limo sailed right into the lyrics and Billy C shook a mean egg. The "take it Bill" bit worked pretty well, too. Billy just owned the moment and improvise some schtick with his shaky egg and also made noises with his face.

We're thinking of going to open Mike at Coffee Depot tomorrow night.


Donita said...

It was a night I'll never forget. I think I actually heard Paganini spinning in his grave (at 6000 rpm).

You guys were da bomb. It seemed like almost everyone who performed was a bit off that night. Something was in the air, I guess. Maybe some pre-Halloween voodoo going on. But the Canaries sailed easily through and we all had fun with you.

Do that some more.

vivage said...

Yay for the Canaries. I love it that I've got 3 guys who can make em laugh, can sing/play with panache, are witty and who are genuinely nice guys.

I'm thinking the Canaries need to sing for the MIL, the peeps at the towers and the coffee world!

Brother Atom Bomb of Reflection said...

I'm up for that.

vivage said...

We saw your friend John playing Open Mike at Coffee Depot. I sent you a little tasty morsel of his performance via voicemail.

We also saw Ellen, that woman who did My Fair Lady with us and was such a pain in the ass...a long time ago!

Donita said...

Ho-hum, this blog is getting boring.

vivage said...

Yeah, it is.

I think he might be bummed about his stolen uke, amongst other items. I myself haven't heard the story from him but 2nd hand thru the hub.

Donita said...

Oh, NOOOOO!!!!!!

Billy Canary said...

It wasn't stolen. It was kidnapped!!