Sunday, October 16, 2005

Wedding from Hell

I went to a friend's wedding party Saturday. He is the son of an old friend and colleague whom I have gotten to know over the past couple of years. This was the second marriage for both. She has kids. He does not.

I have never been to a wedding like this before. Most of the truly bad weddings I have been to had some redeeming quality to them. But this one...

It was a civil ceremony. She and her family are devout Catholics, but she agreed to a civil ceremony and he agreed to have a catholic ceremony later.

On the day before the wedding, the mom calls to say that she will not attend the wedding and is going to Mexico for the weekend.

The same day, the caterer cancels.

Then, most of the bride's siblings don't bother to show up. Didn't call her. Didn't show up.

The maid of honor, the bride's adult daughter, didn't show up.

The one brother who was supposed to bring the cake showed up an hour-and-half late and then left after a very short time.

A few of the bride's friends showed up and all of the groom's friends and family showed up. They put the best face on things they could. But it was pretty sad.


vivage said...

That is one of the saddest posts I've ever read.

Donita said...

Wow, what the hell is wrong with those people? Do they think they can just show up for the church wedding and everything will be fine? I'm sure there's more to it but this is just plain hurtful.

Brother Atom Bomb of Reflection said...

These are hardcore, I-saw-the-image-of-the-Virgin-Mary-in-my-pancake Catholics. Also, the father died a few weeks ago. But the 7-day period of mourning was over and the groom was very helpful during that period (he's a chef and he cooked for the entire extended family every night) and they had been planning the wedding for such a long time that it just made sense to them to go ahead with it.

And, as far as the mourning thing goes, I say screw superstition, life goes on.

Donita said...

So, not only was it a slap in the face for her, they dissed the generous chef, too.

So, Mom is doing her mourning in Mexico?

vivage said...

Tell the Chef to make some torillas and burn an image of each of them burning in hell.

They'll go to the next wedding.

Anonymous said...

Was this because you told them you'd bring along your uke?